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Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsRorzakh, Onu-Matoran
LocationMetru Nui

Onu-Metru (Earth District or Earth City in Matoran) was the one of the six Metru in Metru Nui.


Whenua in Onu-Metru


Nearly 80,000 years before the death of Mata Nui, when the Matoran went to war with each other during the Great Disturbance, the different Metru formed alliances. Onu-Metru sided with Ta-Metru and Ga-Metru. Eventually, the Brotherhood of Makuta intervened and ended the fighting and the hostility between the Metrus dissolved.

Most of the above-ground space in Onu-Metru was used for housing, while the underground was a city-wide Archives filled mainly with Rahi. Most Onu-Matoran here were miners or archivists, and are so used to underground work that they have developed their own form of night vision.The Vahki that protected this Metru were Rorzakh, but most of them were destroyed during the Great Cataclysm.

Onu-Metru was severely damaged during the Great Cataclysm, freeing all the Rahi trapped inside it. Onu-Metru was abandoned when the Matoran moved to Mata Nui. The Matoran returned here after the defeat of Teridax.

Despite being rebuilt by the Staff of Artakha, Onu-Metru was still dangerous because of the large number of wild Rahi freed from the shattered Archives. The job of re-capturing all the various escaped Rahi had been a difficult task, and even the Toa had been unable to capture all of the beasts.

Onu-Metru was later abandoned along with the rest of the Matoran Universe after Teridax's death. Its inhabitants, the Onu-Matoran, migrated to Spherus Magna.

Originators of Onu-Metru[]


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