Species Information
ColorsBrown, tan
Tools and AbilitiesStone Shields, elemental stone abilities

Pahrak were a subspecies caste of Bohrok with control over the element of Stone.


The Bohrok, and, by extension, Pahrak, were originally designed by the Great Beings. Pahrak were created when a destined Av-Matoran had died.

The Bahrag selected one Bohrok from each swarm and immersed them in a mutagenic substance. All six were transformed into Bohrok-Kal versions of themselves; the Pahrak was turned into Pahrak-Kal.

After the Toa Mata defeated Teridax, the Makuta went into the Bohrok Nest, behind the Mangaia, and awakened the Bohrok early.

After their awakening, the Pahrak attacked Ta-Koro with the Kohrak, though the swarm was defeated. Their first attack on Po-Koro ended in failure when Hafu brought stone statues down on top of them. Another swarm, along with Lehvak, attacked Po-Koro, but were also defeated. The Pahrak were put to sleep after the Toa Mata combined their powers to imprison the Bahrag. A beam of light came out of the Ga-Suva and made the Pahrak collapse.

The Bohrok swarms were later awakened once more by the Toa Nuva, as part of a list of tasks to be performed before Mata Nui could be awakened, given to them by Axonn. As soon as the swarms were unleashed, they cleansed Mata Nui of everything, then went back into their nests and re-entered their previous state of stasis.

Personality and Traits[]

Pahrak very rarely got angry, but when they did, they were a dangerous threat. Once they decided to tackle a problem, they wouldn't quit until it was solved. They did not mind ignoring outsiders until it became clear that they had to defend themselves. When they did, they advanced slowly but surely towards the nuisance - nothing would deter them. However, after an attack they would usually return to their mission quickly.

Powers and Equipment[]

Pahrak had elemental power over stone, meaning that they could control stone. They all carried a pair of Stone Shields, which allowed them to create seismic energy to destroy rocks. Like all Bohrok, Pahrak also had the ability to curl themselves into a ball, as a faster mode of transportation.

Set Information[]

  • Pahrak was released in 2002.
  • Pahrak's set number was 8560 and had 40 pieces.
  • It came with a green Krana, however the type of Krana was random.
  • It retailed for $7.99.

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