Pahrak Va
Pahrak Va
Biographical Information
Species Bohrok
Group Bohrok Va
Mask None
Colors Brown, Tan
Element/Powers Stone
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Occupation None
Tools Stone Hammer
Location Bohrok Nest
Status Sleeping
Pronunciation Pah-rack Vah
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Pahrak Va were the Bohrok Va of Stone.


Pahrak Va were originally created by the Great Beings.

When Teridax awakened the Bohrok swarms, the Pahrak Va were awakened as well. During this time, Pahrak Va helped a swarm of Pahrak in the Battle of Ga-Koro. During this time, the Toa Mata were facing the Bahrag, and the queens were trapped in a Toa Seal, deactivating the Pahrak Va.

The Pahrak Va were later reawakened when the Toa Nuva freed the Bahrag.

Abilities and Traits[]

Pahrak Va were the great motivators of their swarm. Strong and usually very slow, they could move quickly when motivated to do so. They not only ran scouting missions and kept communications in order over vast areas, but they also kept the Pahrak swarm together. They also each carried a Stone Hammer, for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Set Information[]

  • Pahrak Va was released in 2002.
  • Its set number was 8553 and had 27 pieces.
  • Pahrak Va (along with the rest of the Bohrok Va) has Pahrak's Shield for its head.
  • It also uses the same piece that is used for Turaga Onewa's stone hammer.
  • Their Krana color was tan.


  • Matoran used to joke about the Pahrak Va as being "Goat Dogs."

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