"But nothing before could equal Onua Nuva seizing [Gorast], lifting her high into the air, and slamming her down with every bit of force his own power and the Mask of Strength could afford him. Even for the raw might of a Makuta, the world spun."
—Narration, BIONICLE Legends 10: Swamp of Secrets
Pakari Nuva
Nuva Mask of Strength
Power(s)Gave user(s) enhanced Strength
Notable Wearer(s)The Toa Nuva
PronunciationPAH-kar-EE NOO-vah

The Pakari Nuva was the Kanohi Nuva Mask of Strength, formed when a destined Kanohi Pakari was exposed to Energized Protodermis and transformed. The Pakari Nuva increased the sheer strength of the user and those nearby to the maximum their muscles could withstand. The only beings able to activate this mask's power were Toa Nuva.

Example UsageEdit

In BIONICLE Legends 10: Swamp of Secrets, Onua used his Pakari Nuva to slam Makuta Gorast into the ground as hard as he could.

Known WearersEdit


Pakari adapted

A swamp-adapted Pakari Nuva

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