Biographical Information
ToolsStaff of Fragmentation
ColorsBrown, Gray

Panrahk was the name of Rahkshi of Fragmentation.


A Panrahk, Lerahk, and Guurahk were created by Makuta Teridax to retrieve the Kanohi Avohkii. After leaving Mangaia, they went to Ta-Koro, where the three caused the destruction of the village.

The Panrahk then found the Avohkii in the hands of Takua and Jaller in Ko-Wahi. Kopaka helped them to flee, and the Rahkshi were frozen in a lake.

Somehow, the Panrahk escaped and turned up in Kini-Nui. During the fight between the six Rahkshi and Toa Nuva, Panrahk was sealed in glass by a combined attack from Tahu and Lewa as he was sucked up with Lerahk and Guurahk.

Panrahk, Guurahk and Lerahk using their powers on the Toa Nuva in Mask of Light.

Abilities and Traits

Panrahk are Rahkshi of Fragmentation. These serpents' Staff of Fragmentation could send a "bomb" through the ground and air, and cause it to explode on command. They are so powerful, that the ground under them cracks as they walk, in compliance to their explosive nature.

A Panrahk was chosen by Teridax to be sent for the Avohkii because Fragmentation is the enemy of Faith, the principle of Le-Matoran.

Panrahk Kraata were sand yellow metallic (dark gold) and brick yellow (tan).

Set Information

  • A Panrahk was released as a canister set in 2003. Its set number was 8587.
  • Panrahk contained 45 pieces


  • Panrahk's Kraata is dark green in the movie.

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