Path of Prophecies
Po-koro entrance
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Primary Residents'
Former ResidentsNone
LocationMotara Desert, Po-Wahi

The Path of Prophecies was the road in Po-Wahi that led to Po-Koro's entrance. On either side of the sandy road road was a row of large statues that the Po-Matoran carvers, most notably Hafu, created.

Battle Of Po-KoroEdit

During the Battle of Po-Koro, Hafu was forced to knock down his life's work of statues when the Tahnok attacked the village, in order to buy time for the villagers inside to get ready for the attack. The statues then acted as a barrier, slowing the attack. After the Bohrok War had ended, and the crisis with the Bohrok-Kal had passed, Hafu was seen rebuilding them alongside fellow carver Kamen.


The Path of Prophecies was later destroyed when the Bohrok were again reawakened by the Toa Nuva.

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