Born from two Piraka, it was twice as eager to grind its enemies to dust and then blow the dust away.
— Narration, BIONICLE Legends 5: Inferno
Piraka Fusion
Set-Piraka Fusion
Biographical Information
Species Skakdi (Fusion)
Group Piraka (Formerly)
Mask None
Colors Yellow, blue, and silver
Element/Powers Unknown
Homeland Voya Nui
Occupation Servant of Vezon
Tools Zamor Launcher, staffs
Location N/A
Status Defused
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The "Piraka Fusion" was a forcibly-created fusion of the Piraka Vezok and Reidak.


Piraka Fusion

The Piraka Fusion as seen in the comics

Upon reaching the Chamber of Life in search of the legendary Mask of Life, the Piraka encountered their former ally, Vezon. Recovering from the shock of seeing him, Avak trapped Vezon in a cage, and the Piraka demanded that he hand over the Mask of Life. Vezon promised them the mask, but as payment he asked them to kill Vezok, as he did not desire to be re-emerged with him. When the other Piraka agreed to these terms, Vezok angrily attacked his allies, thus freeing Vezon from his prison, and revealed that Vezon was actually unable to remove the mask from himself in accordance to their bargain. After being reminded that he possessed the Spear of Fusion, Vezon utilized it on Vezok and Reidak, fusing the two into a massive, skull-faced beast. He commanded the being to attack the other Skakdi, and it eagerly proceeded to rampage through the chamber, easily incapacitating the remaining Piraka.

Not long after, the Toa Inika, also seeking the mask, forced their way into the Chamber. The fusion turned to the Toa and prepared to attack them as well, but Vezon used the spear in reverse, and separated the creature back into Vezok and Reidak.

Powers and Equipment[]

The Piraka Fusion possessed massive strength, sufficient to incapacitate the other four Piraka at once. Any elemental or vision powers that it possessed are unknown.

The Fusion also carried two spear-like weapons, one of which was equipped with a Zamor Launcher.



The winning contest photo of the Piraka Fusion

  • LEGO held a contest for fans to build a combination of two Piraka. The winning model was created by BZPower member "ChocolateFrogs," and was featured in Comic 5: In Final Battle and BIONICLE Legends 5: Inferno.


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