The Piraka Rebellion was an unsuccessful revolt against "The Shadowed One" by five Skakdi Dark Hunters who would later become Piraka. The coup was conceived and planned by Zaktan, who gathered four of other Hunters he worked most with. He decided not to inform Avak, deciding that the latter was too untrustworthy to take part.

The rebels approached the Dark Hunter fortress at intervals of several hours. Before they began, Hakann gathered a group of Dark Hunters still strongly loyal to "The Shadowed One" into a fake meeting for security concerns. Once they were all there, he slipped out a informed some of the more powerful guards that a group of conspirators were in there and not to let anyone out until "The Shadowed One" arrived.

As Zaktan and Vezok tried to get through a gate they encountered the Hunter known as "Prototype", who was guarding the said gate. Vezok distracted "Prototype" by starting a conversation with him (not easy to do, seeing as "Prototype" was very dumb and didn't talk much), while Zaktan attacked from behind with his laser vision. Unfortunately, the beams had no effect on "Prototype" whatsoever, and the guard then turned and calmly sent Zaktan flying with one blow. Deciding that it wasn't wise to challenge "Prototype", Vezok then instructed him to go warn "The Shadowed One" of Zaktan's treachery.

After he had lumbered off towards the training facility on the other side of the island (a facility which, as "Prototype" would soon learn, didn't actually exist), the two Skakdi entered the fortress and met up with the other three inside. They headed for "The Shadowed One's" chamber then, only to find that the layout of the fortress hallways seemed to have somehow changed. To their horror, they then encountered the Dark Hunter called "Darkness", who informed them that "The Shadowed One" knew of their rebellion. They ran, but were shunted by the moving walls into "The Shadowed One's" chamber, where he, "Darkness", "Ancient", and Sentrakh were waiting. Knowing they couldn't defeat all four, the Piraka awaited punishment.

Indeed, "The Shadowed One" attempted to use his eyebeams to execute Zaktan, but, to everyone's surprise, including his, the rebel was not vaporized, but instead was transformed into a swarm of protodites and, through force of will, he managed to keep his new body coherent and his consciousness intact. Recovering from the surprise, "The Shadowed One" chose not to punish the Piraka any further, simply warning them to remember this day.