Pahrak-Kal's Plasma powers out of control
Element Information
Matoran Prefix Su-
Associated Color(s) Primary: Orange
Secondary: White
Associated Location(s) Hot Regions

Plasma was a highly dangerous, but limiting Elemental Power involving ionized gas and superheated matter in the Matoran Universe. It was one of the rarer elements, and was used infrequently by Toa, Turaga and Matoran. Toa of Plasma had near-perfect control of the element; however, they were conflicted in the use of their power.

Plasma could damage and melt nearly any substance, inorganic or not, making the element extremely deadly in combat. This made it difficult for Toa to fight directly using their powers without potentially killing an enemy. Additionally, plasma did not exist in a raw state outside of Fire, or Lightning, forcing wielders of plasma to rely entirely on their own elemental energy reserves.

Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of Plasma all possess a higher resistance to heat than Ta-Matoran, along with eye protection against bright lights.


  • Creating plasma.
  • Controlling plasma.
  • Absorbing plasma.
  • Incinerating objects.
  • Slagging objects.
  • Unleashing a Plasma Nova Blast - (Toa-exclusive)
  • Increasing or decreasing the temperature of plasma.


With all wielding different elements, six Toa could combine their powers to create a Protodermis Cage, capable of sealing away powerful beings, such as the likes of Makuta Teridax, or the Bahrag Queens. Freeing trapped entities required a shard of the prison to be charged with the same elemental powers used to construct it. 

Beings other than Toa could not combine their powers at all, making them the only ones able to do so.

Known Users[]

These beings were wielders of the Element of Plasma:


  • All Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of Plasma were male.
  • Plasma first appeared in 2003's storyline as the main power of Pahrak-Kal, although it was not mentioned as a Toa element until 2006's BIONICLE Legends 1: Island of Doom.
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