Po-Koro Chisel
Item Information
Primary User(s)Takua
Primary LocationMata Nui
FunctionalitiesIf placed into the golden orb, it will activate and create an energy shield bubble around the user for protection while taking the user from or to the Bohrok nests

The Po-Koro Chisel was a golden-colored carving tool that had belonged to Turaga Onewa.


At some point in time, Turaga Onewa came across the Po-Koro Chisel and used as a carving tool. He was unaware that it was actually a "key" to a portal leading from or to the Bohrok nests.

He later rewarded Takua with the chisel when he discovered the infected Comet Balls were the ones causing "The Madness" in Po-Koro, and helped Toa Mata Pohatu with defeating the Nui-Jaga and ending the threat of the plague.

When Takua returned to Ga-Koro, he showed the chisel to Turaga Nokama as proof of his accomplishments in Po-Koro. He was then given the Book of Chronicles from her.

Much later, while being chased by a swarm of newly-awakened Lehvak, Takua quickly inserted the chisel into a golden-colored orb in the middle of the nest, which activated an energy shield bubble around him and took him up through the portal and out onto Ta-Wahi Beach.


  • The "head" of the chisel looks similar to Turaga Onewa's hammer.