Species Information
ColorsBrown, tan, golden brown, orange-brown, black, golden yellow, orange, gunmetal
HabitatCanyons and deserts
Tools and AbilitiesVarious

Po-Matoran were Matoran with ties to the element of Stone. Po-Matoran seem to be the most involved in sports of the Matoran and are highly competitive. Being Stone Matoran and working with their hands often, they have great physical strength, although they can't swim. They are down-to-earth and practical, not putting too much stock in what they can't see and touch.


Po-Matoran focus specifically on the virtues of Unity and Destiny, and from that is the principle of Creation. Common characteristics of Po-Matoran include the qualities of being highly tolerant, stubborn, and practical. Po-Matoran are also very athletic (such as Hewkii) in both Kohlii and Akilini. They work very hard to get their work done so they can play Aklini.

On both Mata Nui and Metru Nui, Po-Matoran were carvers by trade, creating statues and other tools that the Matoran needed. Some Po-Matoran on Mata Nui were shepherds, leading herds of local Rahi. Po-Matoran were usually seen in colors of brown, tan, and orange, though some were also black and orangish-yellow. Their eyes were usually orange, except in Metru Nui, where they were blue prior to the Great Cataclysm.


Po-Matoran (As seen in Mask of Light)

Po-Matoran generally did not get along with Ta-Matoran, although both Metru relied on each other heavily. Despite this, Po-Matoran were often seen in Ta-Metru and vice versa. They usually had poor relations with the other types of Matoran; The Ko-Matoran were too focused on the future and not the here and now, the Onu-Matoran were too focused on the past, and the Ga-Matoran always tried to teach others. Nevertheless, the Po-Matoran defended their friends and showed determination to get difficult tasks done.


Po-Matoran generally preferred arid, sandy and/or rocky environments such as deserts or canyons. In Metru Nui, Po-Matoran lived in the Stone-affiliated region of Po-Metru. When Makuta caused the Matoran to flee to the island of Mata Nui, the Po-Matoran settled in the area eventually known as Po-Wahi, a dry desert region with canyons and caves. Po-Matoran were also known to live outside of Stone-related regions, such as Voya Nui on the Southern Continent and Mahri Nui.

Following the Battle of Bara Magna and the collapse of the Great Spirit Robot, all the Po-Matoran left the Matoran Universe to begin new lives on Spherus Magna

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