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[[File:Bionicle_Toa_Mata_Pohatu.jpg|frame|Pohatu, Toa of stone.]]
[[File:Bionicle_Toa_Mata_Pohatu.jpg|frame|[[Pohatu]], [[Toa Mata]] of [[Stone]]]]
*[[Po-Kini| Po-Kini]] - ''Stone temple''
*[[Po-Kini| Po-Kini]] - ''Stone temple''
*[[Po-Koro]] - ''Stone village''
*[[Po-Koro]] - ''Stone village''

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Po- was a Matoran prefix meaning "stone". When used, it denoted that the object of its reference was associated with stone and/or the Element of Stone in particular; the prefix could also be incorporated into names.


Bionicle Toa Mata Pohatu

Pohatu, Toa Mata of Stone

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