Pohatu's Matching Pairs
Pohatu's Matching Pairs
Online Game Information
Availability Retired
Platform Computer
Controls Mouse
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Pohatu's Matching Pairs was an online game that was released in 2003 as a promotion for BIONICLE: Mask of Light. The objective of the game is to uncover twelve pairs of identical images by flipping over stone tablets, causing them to leave play. The underside of the tablets depict various things from Mask of Light, including Tahu Nuva, Lewa Nuva, Onua Nuva, Gali Nuva, Kopaka Nuva, Turahk, Teridax, Jaller, Takua, the Kanohi Avohkii, and Metru Nui. The player may only have two tablets face-up at any one point in the game, forcing them to remember what the underside, of each tablet that they have seen, featured. At the upper portion of the play area, there are three counters. They display how many pairs have been removed from play, the number of times the player has flipped a tablet, and the amount of time that the player has been playing. These counters will reset when the game ends. The game will end, forcing the player to restart, when all tablets are removed from play. Although there is no way to lose this game, when the player completes it, a window appears, displaying their total time and number of flips.

PMP Gameplay



  • Mouse - Begin game, flip tablets, restart game

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