Most Toa tools just channel power. This one amplifies it.
— An alternate Nynrah Ghost to Takanuva, The Kingdom
Power Lance
250px-Power Lance
Weapon Information
PowerAmplifying Elemental energy
User(s)Toa Takanuva

The Power Lance was the Toa Tool given to Takanuva by a Nynrah Ghost in The Kingdom, an alternate Dimension, after his Staff of Light was taken away from him. Unlike most Toa Tools that only channeled elemental powers, the Power Lance could amplify a Toa's elemental power. For example, channeling the smallest amount of energy could produce a beam of energy the size of a Kanoka disk. This proved very helpful and effective for Takanuva.

Takanuva later abandoned the Power Lance at some point during Makuta Teridax's siege of the Matoran Universe, and instead chose to wield two staffs, which he would use in the final battle for Spherus Magna

Set Information[]

  • The lance is so large that it is actually the same size as Takanuva's original Toa Nuva form. 
  • The Power Lance was released with Takanuva's 2008 form as set number 8699.
  • The Power Lance consisted of 10 pieces in total.
  • The blades on the Power Lance were also used on the Lewa Phantoka set as his Air Saber.
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