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Power Source
Item Information
PowerPowered the Prototype Robot
PronunciationPower Source

The Power Source was an energized object created by the Great Beings.


The Power Source was created by the Great Beings to power an experimental mechanoid of their design. The Source was placed within a metal box, and fitted within a compartment in the main processor The Source was utilized, and succeeded in powering the robot, but due to its instability, the Source caused the robot to violently explode, separating the pieces of it across the planet. The Source was placed within the Valley of the Maze, in the Great Volcano. Numerous traps were created to safeguard it, and it was intended to remain within the Great Beings' fortress. Over 100,000 years later, Mata Nui and Tarduk arrived in the Valley to retrieve the Source. They were able to acquire the box from the center of the Maze, after encountering several of the defenses, and brought it back to the reassembled prototype robot. Mata Nui then placed the box inside the robot, fusing the pieces together and powering it up again, and released his spirit into it. When Mata Nui defeated Teridax and used his remaining strength and the Ignika to flourish life onto Spherus Magna again, the robot ran out of power, causing it to fall apart and disintegrate.


The Power Source was contained within a small metal box, but possessed an enormous amount of power. The Source was also unstable, and had the potential to violently explode or collapse. The Source was specifically designed to power the first robot, and was unable to act as a power supply for the Great Beings' later designs.