Prepare for Battle
Prepare for Battle
Online Game Information
Availability Available
Platform Computer
Controls Arrow keys, spacebar
engine {{{5}}}

Prepare for Battle was an augmented reality game released on that allows the player to control Mata Nui.


Prepare for Battle Gameplay


The game is initiated by activating a webcam, and showing it a printout of a marker provided on the site. Once the webcam clearly recognizes the marker, the main field will appear on screen. Depending on how the printout is shown to the webcam, the game can be seen and played from different perspectives or distances. After starting the game, the player is placed in control of Mata Nui, armed with a Thornax Launcher to fire at enemies.


PfB Kanohi Ignika

The stylized Ignika appearing in the game

  • Up - Aim
  • Space - Fire Thornax Launcher
  • Left - Ninety degree rotation left
  • Right - Ninety degree rotation right
  • Down - One hundred eighty degree rotation

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