Prologue Episode of LEGO BIONICLE: The Journey to One.

EP0 - The Prologue (1)
Much has happened, I know. After so many thousands of years your families have returned to rebuild.
— Narmoto to the Island's inhabitants.

The episode begins with Narmoto telling a legend of how the Toa arrived to Okoto and awaken Ekimu to younglings of the Island. With the help of 2015 story animations the legend is told.


EP0 - The Prologue (2)

Protector of Fire talks about Regions of Okoto.

Narmoto starts gathering the kids to tell them the iconic legend, the history of the City of Mask Makers and their arrival. Throughout the episode several 2015 animations are shown one by one explaining the story deeper than it was told. They show the Toa and their respective regions and how they awoke Ekimu from his deep slumber. Narmoto says that the legendary masks are too powerful to be trusted to mortals and that they were hidden away forever. Interestingly enough he never mentioned Lord of Skull Spiders and how the 6 Toa defeated him. After Toa arrive to City of Mask Makers there were clips of 2015 animations from the summer that featured the Skull Villains and how Toa defeated them all by unity. Narmoto says that the Mask of Creation was retrieved and the city became safe once again. At the end he talks how the 6 Toa got their new armor thanks to Ekimu and his forging skills. The episode signs off with 6 Heroes standing heroically at the Forge of Mask Makers.

Official Description[]

Meet the warriors who wield the power of the elements to protect Okoto Island, as they prepare for a bold new quest in search for an ancient mask.