Promotional Sets were small sets released solely to promote the BIONICLE toyline. They possessed no storyline relevance whatsoever (with the exception of Gold Good Guy).

Gold Good Guy[]

Gold Good Guy was a set released in 2006 and was the only other set to include Toa Lhikan's Kanohi Hau. This set was released with a pack of Duracell batteries and was the only set (apart from Kazi) to use an axle connector with socket piece (often used for hands) for the head. Greg Farshtey later confirmed that this set was Turaga Lhikan.

Good Guy 2006[]

Good Guy was a set released in 2006. It is the most well-known of the promotional sets. He is one of the few sets to lack a Kanohi. There is a mistake on the packaging which shows him with Guurahk's staff, but the actual set contains Turahk's staff.