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The Prophecy of Heroes is a prophecy that predicted Makuta's betrayal and the coming of the Toa to the island of Okoto.


At an unknown point in time, the prophecy was recorded on the walls of the Temple of Light and a building within Capital City; the sacred code of the Mask Makers prevented them from revealing its full contents to anyone. Ekimu would later view the events described in the prophecy himself through the Mask of Time, prior to his battle with Makuta. After his body was left lifeless in the Great Crater, Ekimu spoke the words of the prophecy-or a portion thereof-to the Protectors of that time. It would later be recited by the present-day Protectors at the Temple of Time in order to summon the Toa to Okoto. Gali would later view its full contents within the Shadow Realm, giving her the insight needed to lead her fellow Toa in the sacrifice that halted Makuta's escape.