Species Information
ColorsRed, Green, Brown, Gold
WeaponsZamor Launcher
Species StatusUnknown

Protodax were Protodites enlarged trillions of times by the power of the Kanohi Ignika. Protodax looked exactly like Protodites, with the exception of one known Protodax.


The only known Protodax were created by the Ignika to guard it in one of the chambers with Umbra. This Protodax carried a Zamor Launcher, which it found when someone else who carried a Zamor Launcher tried to get the Ignika. This Zamor Launcher could launch spheres that would shrink a target down to the size of a Protodite.

The guardian Protodax encountered the Toa Inika on their journey to the mask, though they were quickly "destroyed" by Umbra.

Abilities and Traits[]

When struck, Protodax were able to split, duplicating themselves almost instantaneously. This would effectively duplicate a group into double their amount, making it increasingly difficult to defeat them. Even the Toa Inika could not defeat them without the help of Umbra. Protodax were violent creatures, who simply killed without intention.

Set Information[]

  • The Protodax model could be built from the pieces of the Avak, Zaktan and Hakann sets.

External Links[]

  • Missing building instructions for this combiner model.