Protodermis, as it was found in the Great Mine

Protodermis was an artificial substance created by the Great Beings to make up the Matoran Universe. It was based off of Energized Protodermis, which came from the core of Spherus Magna. Everything in the Matoran Universe is made of Protodermis. Protodermis exists in multiple states and forms, and could be refined and/or reshaped to have many uses.

These are the known forms of Protodermis:

Solid Protodermis

  • Unrefined: Raw solid Protodermis found in the ground in the Matoran Universe and resembles rock. This was mined by Onu-Matoran and shaped by Po-Matoran. Can be manipulated by Toa of Stone.
  • Metallic: Refined Protodermis in the form of metal. It is very strong and durable, and makes up all metal in the Matoran Universe, from the mechanical parts of the inhabitants to robots to buildings. Can be manipulated by Toa of Iron.
  • Protosteel: An allotrope of Protodermis, it is one of the strongest materials in the known universe. It is used in Makuta armor, Order of Mata Nui weapons, and other extremely strong tools.
  • Frozen: Cooled Liquid Protodermis. Can be Manipulated by Toa of Ice.
  • Crystalline: Diamond-like Protodermis that is incredibly strong. There are only two known methods of making this, the Shadowed One’s staff, and by six Toa combining their elemental powers. The Toa-made type creates a Toa Seal and is nearly indestructible; the only way to destroy it is for the Toa to use their powers on it again.
  • Organic: The Protodermis used to make the organic components of the Matoran and other inhabitants of their Universe, as well as the plants. It is nearly identical in nature and properties to natural organic material.

Liquid Protodermis

  • Unrefined: Found in the Silver Sea around Metru Nui and all across the Matoran Universe. It is silver in color. Can be manipulated by Toa of Water.
  • Purified: After being purified in Ga-Metru, liquid Protodermis becomes clear in color. It can then be used in the creation of objects such as Kanoka and tools, or used of the Chute system.
  • Molten: Super-heated Protodermis with properties that resemble lava or liquid metal. Used in Ta-Metru for the creation of tools, and pumped underground to heat homes.
  • Energized Protodermis: The original form of Protodermis found in the core of Spherus Magna. This form will either transform any object or being it touches, often giving powerful mutations and enhancements, or completely destroy the object or being, depending on its destiny.