Prototype Robot
Biographical Information
Species One of a kind
Group None
Mask None
Colors Gray
Element/Powers Lasers, Gravity
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Occupation Robot Shell
Tools None
Location Spherus Magna
Status Disintegrated
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The Prototype Robot was a giant robot made by the Great Beings, and later used by Mata Nui to defeat Teridax.


The robot was built by the Great Beings, just because they wanted to see if it was possible. But due to its instability, the power source caused the robot to violently explode, separating the pieces of it across the planet. The source was placed within the Valley of the Maze, in the Great Volcano. Numerous traps were created to safeguard it, and it was intended to remain within the Great Beings' fortress.

Pieces of the robot were spread over the desert of Bara Magna, and were later used as shelters by the Agori.

Thousands of years later, during an arena match between Vastus and Tarix in Tesara, Ackar stopped the contest, saying that the Bone Hunters and Skrall were now allied. The Agori then decided to put the main structures of Tesara together, forming the first part of the robot.

After the Skrall and Bone Hunters were defeated, the other village's main structures were dragged together to form the rest of the robot.

Mata Nui then went on a quest with Tarduk into the Valley of the Maze. After numerous trials, he found the Power Source. Using the Power Source and the Ignika, Mata Nui took control of the prototype. He used it to fight Teridax, who was in control of the Great Spirit Robot.

The robot, however, was running low on power. The power source was unstable and ancient, and ran down much too easily. Plus, Teridax was beating Mata Nui at an astonishing rate. The robot was last seen after Mata Nui beat Teridax by shoving him into a fragment of Aqua Magna. The body then crumbled to dust after it finished repairing Spherus Magna.

Abilities and Traits[]

The Prototype Robot was unstable and exploded on the first attempt, which was the cause of its destruction. It also fatigued quicker than the Matoran Universe. It stood exactly 27,000,000 feet tall. No one inhabited it.


Comic Prototype Robot

The Prototype Robot, controlled by Mata Nui.