Why are you hiding? You always used to talk so brave... come out and fight!
— Radiak
Biographical Information
Species Matoran
Group Av-Matoran
Shadow Matoran (Formerly)
Mask Powerless Hau
Powerless Jutlin (Formerly)
Colors Gold and white
Red and black (Formerly)
Element/Powers Light
Shadow (Formerly)
Homeland Karda Nui
Occupation Villager
Tools Leg Blades
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation RAY-dee-ak
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Radiak was an Av-Matoran. Originally a resident of Karda Nui, Radiak fell victim to the Brotherhood of Makuta's Shadow Leeches, which made him into a spider-like servant of theirs. For a time, he stood by their side, battling the other Av-Matoran and the Toa Nuva

When Takanuva discovered the Shadow Matoran could be transformed back to normal through the screams of a Klakk, Radiak was turned back into his normal self alongside everyone else. Before the Energy Storms struck Karda Nui, Radiak fled to Metru Nui via a portal. 


Radiak is an Av-Matoran who once resided in Karda Nui. He was once friends with Photok and also a hero amongst Av-Matoran. One day he was going to repair a tear in the Lightvine when Makuta Vamprah ambushed him and drained the light out of him using the Kanohi Avsa. Afterwards, Antroz had him become his servant, with Radiak essentially acting as his "eyes" due to Antroz's blindness that was caused when Mata Nui was revived. Some point later Radiak was mutated by Mutran to having four legs.

He was later cured by a Klakk and thus became the first Av-Matoran to be cured by them. He then traveled with the other Av-Matoran to Metru Nui where the Toa would meet them after the completion of their mission in the Core.

Sometime later he evacuated the Matoran Universe onto Spherus Magna.

Powers and Equipment[]

Radiak had the ability to fire bolts of shadow energy when he was a Shadow Matoran. He could also access a "sloth" power when he was in physical contact with a Makuta or Toa; this power gave him the ability to make a target too slow and lazy to get away.

As a mutated Shadow Matoran, Radiak had four sharp leg-blades, razor-sharp teeth and razor-edged wings.

Set Information[]

  • Radiak could be attached to Makuta Antroz's back.
  • He could be attached to Gorast as well as Antroz, as shown on the back of the box he comes in.
  • Antroz, Radiak, Lewa, and Tanma were a part of the Makuta Spiriah combiner set.
  • Radiak's piece count was 16.
  • Radiak's set number was 8947.


Radiak flying

Radiak in flight

  • Radiak was the only known Shadow Matoran to not have light drained out of him by a Shadow Leech. Instead, his light was drained by Vamprah's Kanohi Avsa.

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