Star Rahkshi
Rahkshi of Heat Vision
Biographical Information
Power(s)Heat Vision
ToolsStaff of Heat Vision
ColorsYellow, Gray
Location(s)Scattered around the Matoran Universe, Bara Magna

A Rahkshi of Heat Vision was a Rahkshi with powers of Heat Vision. Their secondary color was yellow. Its kraata is black/bright orange. One was encountered in the Archives by Toa Whenua while he was searching for one of the great disks. Whenua used one of this Rahkshi's weaknesses to his advantage: the Rahkshi's eyesight is weakened after it uses its heat vision. Whenua kept it occupied by making a Muaka attack it while he continued with his quest.

When Teridax landed on Bara Manga, he unleashed an army of Heat Vision Rahkshi onto the planet to fight the Glatorian. The Rahkshi managed to kill some of them.

Set information

  • A Rahkshi of Heat Vision was released in 2010 as one of the BIONICLE Stars.
  • The Rahkshi BIONICLE Stars set was the only Rahkshi set to feature clawed feet.


  • The Rahkshi of Heat Vision was the first and only Rahkshi set to not implement bendable knees.
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