The insects were already around her, stinging and then flying away, only to return and sting again. Nokama's armored body was enough to blunt their stings, but enough got through to drive her to the ground. As soon as she was subdued, the fireflyers left, their orders fulfilled.

BIONICLE Adventures 3: The Darkness Below

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 3.30.40 PM
Rahkshi of Insect Control
Biographical Information
Power(s)Insect mind-control
ToolsStaff of Power
Location(s)One specimen in the Archives

Rahkshi of Insect Control were one of forty-two types of possible Rahkshi.


Rahkshi of Insect Control, like all Rahkshi, began life as a Kraata of Insect Control. Should the Kraata be submerged in Energized Protodermis, and if the Kraata were destined to transform, the Antidermis slug would be trans-mutated into a suit of empty Rahkshi armor. Another Kraata of Insect Control was required to pilot the armor.

A Rahkshi of Insect Control briefly hunted Toa of Earth Whenua when he was seeking the Archivist Tehutti.[1] One Rahkshi of Insect Control encountered the Toa Metru as a group while they attempted to fix a leak in the Onu-Metru Archives. It was travelling at the time with a Rahkshi of Weather Control. Both were eventually defeated. The Rahkshi of Weather Control later stumbled upon a stunned Rahkshi of Insect Control. Nokama also fought the Rahkshi of Insect Control later on, although it turned out to be the shapeshifting Krahka in disguise.[2]


All Rahkshi of Insect Control possessed the ability to summon and control insectoid Rahi. This enabled them to command everything from lone Nui-Rama to swarms of fireflies and mosquitos.

This breed possessed orange armor, and were piloted by the yellow-and-black Kraata of Insect Control.


A Rahkshi of Insect Control could only access its Kraata power while it wielded its weapon, a Staff of Insect Control.



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