A lightning bolt," answered Onewa. "A lightning bolt in an enclosed tunnel underground. Is this normal in Onu-Metru, or are we just lucky?"
As if the freak storm had heard him, a second bolt flew toward the Toa of Stone. Acting on reflex, Onewa dove to the side as the bolt struck the wall where he had been.
BIONICLE Adventures 3: The Darkness Below
Rahkshi of Weather Control
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Biographical Information
Species Kraata (Rahkshi)
Group Brotherhood of Makuta
Mask None
Colors Gold and dark grey
Element/Powers Weather manipulation
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Occupation Servant of Makuta
Tools Staff of Weather Control
Status Destroyed
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Rahkshi of Weather Control were one of forty-two types of possible Rahkshi.


Rahkshi of Weather Control, like all Rahkshi, began life as a Kraata of Weather Control. Should the Kraata be submerged in Energized Protodermis, and if the Kraata were destined to transform, the Antidermis slug would be mutated into a suit of empty Rahkshi armor. Another Kraata of Weather Control was required to pilot the armor.

A Rahkshi of Weather Control briefly hunted Toa of Earth Whenua when he was seeking the Archivist Tehutti.[1] When Whenua returned to the Archives to seek out the Onu-Metru Great Disk, the Rahkshi stalked both him and fellow Toa Nuju.[2] It later encountered the Toa Metru as a group when the team was travelling to repair an underwater leak in the Archives. It defended its territory with a fellow Rahkshi of Insect Control, but eventually was defeated.[3]

Abilities and Traits[]

All Rahkshi of Weather Control possessed the power of limited weather control. This allowed them to summon storms, hurl lightning bolts, and even generate indoor snowstorms.

This breed possessed golden-colored armor, and was piloted by a lemon metallic/metallic dark grey Kraata of Weather Control.


A Rahkshi of Weather Control could only access its Kraata power while it wielded its weapon, a Staff of Weather Control. However, it did not need to channel its powers through the staff.



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