A lightning bolt," answered Onewa. "A lightning bolt in an enclosed tunnel underground. Is this normal in Onu-Metru, or are we just lucky?"
As if the freak storm had heard him, a second bolt flew toward the Toa of Stone. Acting on reflex, Onewa dove to the side as the bolt struck the wall where he had been.

BIONICLE Adventures 3: The Darkness Below

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Rahkshi of Weather Control
Biographical Information
Power(s)Weather manipulation
ToolsStaff of Power
Location(s)One specimen in the Archives

Rahkshi of Weather Control were one of forty-two types of possible Rahkshi.


Rahkshi of Weather Control, like all Rahkshi, began life as a Kraata of Weather Control. Should the Kraata be submerged in Energized Protodermis, and if the Kraata were destined to transform, the Antidermis slug would be trans-mutated into a suit of empty Rahkshi armor. Another Kraata of Weather Control was required to pilot the armor.

A Rahkshi of Weather Control briefly hunted Toa of Earth Whenua when he was seeking the Archivist Tehutti.[1] When Whenua returned to the Archives to seek out the Onu-Metru Great Disk, the Rahkshi stalked both him and fellow Toa Nuju.[2] It later encountered the Toa Metru as a group when the team was travelling to repair an underwater leak in the Archives. It was defending its territory with a Rahkshi of Insect Control, but eventually was defeated.[3]

Abilities and Traits

All Rahkshi of Weather Control possessed the power of limited weather control. This allowed them to summon storms, hurl lightning bolts, and even generate snowstorms indoors.

This breed possessed golden-colored armor, and was piloted by lemon metallic/metallic dark grey Kraata of Weather Control.


A Rahkshi of Weather Control could only access its Kraata power while it wielded its weapon, a Staff of Weather Control.



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