Species Information
ColorsRed, Yellow, Orange
Species StatusAlive

Ranama were a type of frog-like Rahi.

Ranama were a type of giant Fire frogs that used to live in the molten Protodermis that runs through Ta-Metru and inside the vats which the Protodermis flows. Because of this; the Ta-Matoran considered them to be pests. The Ta-Matoran had to filter the molten Protodermis to get the Ranama out of the vats (in order use the vats to mold tools and Kanohi masks) while being very careful not to be eaten by the Rahi.

The Ranama later migrated and thrived in the heat of Ta-Wahi on Mata Nui, where they swam through the lava flows. To obtain food, a Ranama would wait beneath the molten lava for an unwary Nui-Rama to fly past, then leap forth and ensnare the insect with its long and sticky tongue. Most Matoran knew better than to approach one of these fiery Rahi, but praised them, for they reduced the population of the deadly Nui-Rama.

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