Razor Whale
Rahi Razor Whale
Species Information
ColorsGreen, dark grey, orange
WeaponsSharp spikes on their back
Species StatusPreviously endangered; currently unknown
Sometimes the largest creatures are the least dangerous to others. In this case, the gentle nature of the Razor Whale is working against the species. If they do not learn how to fight, they may all perish - or worse - at the claws of the Visorak.
Rahaga Gaaki, BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts

Razor Whales were peaceful Rahi, despite their formidable appearance. Razor Whales had no natural enemy, although Nocturn would eat them when they came to the Razor Whale's Teeth near the Pit. They had a row of spines down their tail, which they used to scare off predators. At some time in the whale's life, the spines in its tail would fall off. Strangely, after this happened, the Rahi would be easier to tame. Toa Hordika Nokama made an extra effort to protect these creatures from the Visorak, but since few specimens were seen off the Mata Nui coast, it remains unknown how successful she was. Elsewhere on the surface of the planet, however, Razor Whales could be found at the Razor Whale's Teeth near Mahri Nui.

Razor Whales were said to have some relation to the smaller Razorfish.


  • This model was designed by Lawrence Vanderbush.
  • On top of this Rahi, a Matoran with a Hau Nuva can be seen; this Matoran does not possess any storyline importance and is considered non-canonical.