The Region of Fire was one of six elemental regions of Okoto.


The Region of Fire was the most dangerous location of Okoto. It was home to the island’s great volcanoes, which erupted at random, and great lava streams ran south from the mighty mountains, forming lakes before they reached the sea.


During some period of time, Skull Spiders overran the region.

Eventually, Tahu crashed from the sky into an unknown part of the Region of Fire, where he was greeted by a party of Fire Villagers and their Protector, the Protector of Fire. The Protector explained to Tahu about his destiny, when the party was ambushed by Skull Spiders. Tahu accidentally defeated them, causing the party to bow down to him. He and the Protector then set out to claim his Mask of Power, the Golden Mask of Fire.

Before they could reach the mask, they were ambushed. The Protector of Fire, using his Elemental Fire Blaster, held them off while Tahu claimed his mask. He used Lava Board to surf on the lava, and claimed his Golden Mask of Fire just as the Protector of Fire ran out of ammunition and was overtaken by Skull Spiders. Tahu used the mask to get to the Protector and defeat the Skull Spiders.



  • Villages of Fire
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