The Region of Jungle was one of six elemental regions of Okoto.


The Region of Jungle was home to many of Okoto's ancient ruins, and the jungle its self was full of astounding sights, as well as great danger. There were mysterious swamps, levitating islands supported by gigantic trees, and many more wonders.


At some point in time, the Region of Jungle was overrun by Skull Spiders.

Eventually, Lewa landed in an unknown section of the Region of Jungle, where the Protector of Jungle informed him of his destiny as a Toa. The two set out to collect his Mask of Power, the Golden Mask of Jungle.

Before Lewa could claim his mask, the Protector of Jungle was surrounded by Skull Spiders. Lewa put on his mask, and used his Battle Axes to fend off the spiders. He then set off for the Temple of Time.



  • Villages of Jungle

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