The Region of Water is one of the six elemental regions of Okoto.


The Region of Water has fast-flowing rivers that run from the mountains to the west as well as a northern glacier, forming a series of great lakes. The southern part of the region borders the Region of Jungle, therefor it is mostly swamp, most of which has yet to be explored.


At some point in time, the Region of Water was overtaken by Skull Spiders

Eventually, Gali descended from the sky to an unknown part of the Region of Water, where the Protector of Water explained the Toa's destiny to her. The two set off to find her Mask of Power, the Golden Mask of Water.

Before Gali could claim her mask, the Protector of Water was attacked by Skull Spiders. Gali defeated them, and then set off for the Temple of Time.



  • Village of Water

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