Rhotuka Spinner Challenge
Rhotuka Spinner Challenge Main Screen
Online Game Information
Availability Unavailable
Platform Online,
Controls Mouse
engine Mouse

The Rhotuka Spinner Challenge was a game on the Kanoka Club on It features the Toa Hordika and Visorak.


Rhotuka Spinner Challenge Gameplay


To start, the player chooses has three different attacks: Low, Medium, High. The player could choose six options in all. Once they were done, they had to set up their defense, which was done in the same way as the attack selection. The player then could go choose a random fight with anyone else that was also choosing a fight. Depending on each players options, one would win (i.e. Player One's attack is high, high, high, high, high, high, and Player Two's defense was the same, Player Two would be unharmed).


The Player could use Toa Vakama, Nokama, Whenua, Onewa, or Vohtarak, Boggarak, Roporak, or Oohnorak.

Matau, Nuju, Suukorak, and Keelerak were unaccessible to the Player originally, but, if the Player beat another Player who was playing as that character in the fight, they would then become unlocked.


The Rhotuka Spinner Challenge Game

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