Ring of Ice
Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsIce-type Rahi (except for Manutri)
LocationVoya Nui
SizeHuge (more like "wide")

The Ring of Ice was the ice-covered shoreline of Voya Nui. Many ice-type Rahi such as Ice Gafna or Ice Burnak live here. Manutri penguins also live here. It is also where the Piraka first landed/washed ashore shortly before taking over Voya Nui.

It is unknown what happen to the Ring of Ice after Voya Nui returned to its position on the Southern Continent. Later on as the Matoran Universe collapsed; it is assumed that all of the Rahi from here (if they survived) migrated to Spherus Magna.



  • According to Christian Faber, the Ice Ring around Voya Nui formed as a way of preserving the island outside of the Matoran Universe, similar to how organs are put on ice when removed from the human body during transplants.
Voya Nui
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