Rock Tribe
Rock Tribe Information
Species AffliationAgori, Skrall
EnemiesOther Tribes
LeaderElement Lord of Rock (formerly), Tuma (formerly)
HomelandSpherus Magna/Bara Magna

The Rock Tribe was one of the elemental tribes of Spherus Magna and later Bara Magna. They inhabited the city of Roxtus. It was led by Tuma and made up of Skrall and Rock Agori. They were closely related to the Bone Hunters. The Skrall wore spiky armor in black and various secondary colors, while the Rock Agori tended to wear black and grey.


When Bara Magna was struck by a world-wide disaster and split into three parts, the Rock Tribe was separated from their homeland. The Rock Tribe settled in the northern regions of Bara Magna until they were attacked by shape-shifters who killed many Skrall, and killed all members of the leader-class Skrall except Tuma. The Rock Tribe then moved to the south, and settled in Roxtus. It was at this point that the Rock Tribe started participating in the social system involving Glatorian matches in arenas. Under the Great Tournament soon after their arrival to Roxtus, the Skrall attacked Arena Magna, starting their plan to conquer Bara Magna. Soon after, Mata Nui landed on Bara Magna, and fought Tuma at the Roxtus Arena. All the members ended up fighting, and losing, at the Battle of Roxtus Arena.


Named Skrall

Leader Class

Elite Class

Warrior Class

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