Rockoh T3
Rockoh Ani t3
Item Information
Primary User(s)Pohatu
Primary LocationCodrex

The Rockoh T3 was one of the vehicles hidden in the Codrex.


Some time after the Matoran Universe's creation, Artakha built the Rockoh T3, Jetrax T6 and Axalara T9. He placed them in Codrex sometime before he created the Toa Mata.

When the Toa Nuva entered the Codrex, Pohatu, Kopaka, and Lewa discovered the three vehicles. However, Antroz, who snuck into the Codrex when the Toa entered, stole the Jetrax T6, forcing Pohatu and Lewa to take the remaining vehicles to pursue him. Pohatu took the Rockoh T3 and used it, with the help of Lewa's Axalara T9, to stop Antroz and claim the Jetrax T6 again. Pohatu later piloted it as the Toa Nuva escaped Karda Nui in the Energy Storm and landed it in Metru-Nui.

It was later teleported to the Codrex with the other T-series vehicles.

Mistika Pohatu

Toa Pohatu specially adapted for Rockoh T3.

Set Information[]

  • The set was released in summer of 2008, contains 390 pieces, and its set number is 8941.
  • The set includes a special edition version Pohatu Nuva figure for a pilot.
  • The set has a handle on the bottom for easy play.
  • The set is designed for a right-handed person, because the firing handle is on the left side. You can easily modify the set for use by a left-handed person by mirroring the instructions.
  • It is the smallest of the T vehicles.
  • Its "Midak Skyblaster" was really a modified zamor sphere launcher with grey balls.


  • Of the three T-series vehicles, Rockoh had less armor than the others and was considered the fastest and most maneuverable. However, it still had impressive armor and armament by normal standards.

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