Species Information
ColorsGolden Brown, Red
Species StatusAlive

Roporak were one of the six Visorak breeds.


The Visorak, including Roporak, were created by Chirox. He then sent them to attack a village on the island they were created on, and the island was renamed Visorak by Chirox afterward.

A Visorak army was destroyed by Crystal Serpents during Kojol's failed raid on Artakha.

One swarm of Visorak was held back by Lesovikk when they tried to attack the Southern Islands.

Sidorak and Roodaka, two Brotherhood of Makuta servants, were later given command of the Visorak armies, with Sidorak having more power. While Teridax was imprisoned in a Toa Seal near Metru Nui, he summoned Roodaka and Sidorak to the island. With the Visorak armies, they quickly conquered Metru Nui. The Toa Metru, who had returned to Metru Nui to take the remaining Matoran to the island above, were captured by Visorak soon after they had arrived. They were then taken the Coliseum, where they were trapped in cocoons. The Toa were then injected with Visorak venom, which transformed them into Toa Hordika.


A Roporak

Vakama later turned to Sidorak's side after giving in to his inner beast, and was given command of the Visorak. However, during the battle for Metru Nui, Sidorak had been killed by Keetongu, which placed Roodaka in charge, but Vakama had returned to the side of the Toa with help from Matau, and he released the Visorak. After the Toa left, a group of Visorak arrived at Metru Nui were stopped by the Rahaga, Keetongu, and Dume.

When the Roporak and the other Visorak went to the island of Artidax because of the Heart of the Visorak, they were killed by a volcanic eruption.

When Teridax took over the Universe, he recreated the breed along with the other Visorak. After his death, they evacuated to Spherus Magna.

Abilities and Traits[]

Roporak had the ability to change colors and camouflage into their background. They preferred to work underground, but were often positioned at high points, blending in with their backgrounds to spy on others. Roporak used this power to wait until their foe had been weakened, then they intercept, spitting webbing and firing their disrupting Rhotuka, which caused a form of "power outage" in their targets. Roporak could fire their spinners the furthest of all the Visorak breeds. It seemed that Roporak preferred Roodaka over Sidorak, as they thought she would help them rebel.

Set Information[]

  • Roporak was released in 2005.
  • Roporak's set number is 8745.
  • Roporak has 48 pieces.
  • Roporak could be used in different combiner sets:

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