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Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsRock Tribe
LocationSouth of the Black Spike Mountains, North of Atero

Roxtus was the village of the Rock Tribe on Bara Magna. Atakus was a guard there. It was located near Skull Mountain, the most north-eastern village on Bara Magna. Roxtus was home to the Rock Tribe, led by Tuma.

After the Baterra incident, the Skrall had to move south, eventually finding Roxtus and making it their home.

Mata Nui fought Tuma in the Roxtus Arena. He was then beaten and Metus revealed himself to be the traitor. Other Glatorian then arrived at the Rock village, fighting against Skrall and Bone Hunters. The Glatorian were eventually triumphant, spelling the end of the Skrall Empire.

Roxtus' main structure was then dragged away to form the Prototype Robot.

Roxtus was originally a trading center for Agori of all places but was overrun by Vorox due to its location, the Skrall, easily surpassing the Vorox, took it as refuge.


Roxtus was one of the largest villages on Bara Magna nearly twice as big as Vulcanus. In the center of the village lies a giant arena known as the Roxtus Arena where Glatorian matches can be fought. Their are also various pens to hold the vicious Spikit.




Bone Hunters

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