Sand Tarakava
Species Information
ColorsYellow, Black, Orange, Light Grey
Species StatusAlive

Sand Tarakava are smaller relatives of the Tarakava.


While normal Tarakava lived in Ga-Wahi and presumably Ga-Metru, Sand Tarakava lived in Po-Wahi and presumably Po-Metru. They hide beneath the sand to ambush prey passing by. They share their territory with large Rahi such as the Nui-Jaga.


When Teridax took over Rahi with Infected Masks, Sand Tarakava were given infected yellow Rurus. They were the mortal enemy of the Kikanalo species.

Set Information

The Sand Tarakava was planned to be a set, but it did not make it past the prototype stage. Five prototypes have been rumored to exist, though only one is known to exist, belonging to Mark Durham. The set was designed before the normal Tarakava set and was made as a prototype for said set. The yellow Ruru is the only prototype piece on the set.


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