A Zesk, member of the Sand Tribe
Sand Tribe
Sand Tribe Information
Species AffliationAgori, Glatorian
EnemiesOther tribes
LeaderElement Lord of Sand (formerly), Malum, Kabrua
HomelandSpherus Magna/Bara Magna
StatusMostly regressed

The Sand Tribe was made up of Zesk and Vorox. After a planet-wide disaster, the Zesk regressed to being little more than beasts, and were sometimes forced to fight by the other Agori. Unlike the other tribes, the Zesk did not live in villages. The Zesk spoke a primitive version of the Agori Language. The tribe wore armor in tan and black, occasionally with some brown accents. One pack of Vorox and Zesk was led by Malum.

After the Shattering, some Vorox ended up on Bota Magna, where the good living conditions there kept them normal. This tribe was led by Kabrua.



  • Bara Magna Vorox - They had names, but were only used among themselves.
  • Kabrua - Kept the ability to speak.



  • Zesk - Like the Vorox, they had names, but were only used among themselves.
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