Sands of Time
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Online Game Information
Availability Available
Platform Online
Controls Arrow keys, space bar
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Sands of Time was a BIONICLE game that was an obvious remake of the 2007 game Sea Survival. In the game, the player controls Gresh fighting against Malum, Strakk, and a Skrall.


The player must press the left and right arrow keys to move Gresh and the spacebar repeatedly to make him fly. There are 6 levels. Upon winning, the game displays a congratulatory message. If the player loses, the game says "bad luck try again later". The game can be accessed here.


  • A strange glitch is that when the player jumps on Strakk; in some cases, you may see Takadox come jumping out of Strakk's body.
  • Another glitch is that sometimes, the player can advance to the next level without killing all the enemies.
  • The characters in the game are created based on the Glatorian set prototypes.
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