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Agori Information
Tribe:Water Tribe
Colors:Light Blue, Black, Silver, Blue
Occupation:Preparing Arena Magna for the Great Tournament
Tools:Unknown, if any
Location:Spherus Magna

Scodonius was an Agori of the Water Tribe. His job was to prepare Arena Magna for the Great Tournament along with Tarduk, Kyry, Crotesius and Kirbold.


Early Life

Similarly to all other Agori, Scodonius came into being on Spherus Magna at some point around the Core War. Although his actions around this point are unclear, he would have been integrated into the Element Lord of Water's army.

Post Shattering

Following The Shattering, Scodonius was stranded on Bara Magna and took up refuge with the other water Agori in the village of Tajun. He became a skilled vehicle pilot and - along with Kirbraz - piloted the Kaxium V3 in the arena following the development of the Glatorian/Agori social system. The pair won many matches in their vehicle.

Arena Magna

More recently, Scodonius was tasked with preparing the Atero arena for the yearly tournament with a number of other Agori. However, when Tarduk discovered a map that showed the Red Star and asked the other members of the group to join him on an expedition, Scodonius declined as he was eagar to return to Tajun.

Invasion of Tajun

When the Skrall and Bone Hunters attacked Tajun, Scodonius managed to escape the village and hid elsewhere. He later aided in the construction of the Mega-Village. Not long after that he and the other Glatorian and Agori evacuated the city so that Mata Nui could use the robot to reform Spherus Magna. He was also present when Mata Nui re-formed Spherus Magna and Teridax was killed.


Scodonius has not been seen yet in the story, only mentioned, but Tarduk considers him "kind of a creep", which could be telling about his personality.

Set Information

  • Sconodius was released in the summer of 2009 along with Kirbraz and the Kaxium V3.
  • The set number was 8993.
  • It came with 251 pieces. 14 of these pieces made Scodonius.


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