Scroll of Preparations
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Item Information
Primary User(s)None
Primary LocationGreat Temple
FunctionalitiesA list of tasks to be preformed for Mata Nui's awakening

The Scroll of Preparations was a scroll placed in the Great Temple in Ga-Metru by the Great Beings.


The Scroll was originally created by the Great Beings, as a list of tasks that needed to be preformed before Mata Nui could be awakened.

After leaving the island of Voya Nui, the Toa Nuva were told to go to the Great Temple by Axonn and Botar to retrieve the scroll.

List of Tasks[]

Below is a list of known items on the list (not in the order of listing on the actual scroll):

  1. Release the Bohrok swarms on Mata Nui.
  2. Retrieve the Staff of Artakha.
  3. Destroy a series of active volcanoes in the Southern Islands.
  4. Retrieve the Heart of the Visorak.
  5. Look through the Great Telescope on Mata Nui and record the Red Star's location.


  • The scroll is made of paper, and is the only known paper object in the Matoran universe. Though there were paper objects seen in MNOG and MNOG2, these are non-canon sadly.