Bionicle Shadow hand
A Makuta creating a hand of Shadow
Element Information
Matoran Prefix Kra-
Associated Color(s) Primary: Black
Secondary: Various
Associated Location(s) Dark Regions

Shadow was a far-reaching, ever-present Elemental Power involving the absence of Light in the Matoran Universe. This was a rare element, used exclusively by members of the Brotherhood of Makuta, and any being attacked by a Shadow Leech.

Toa of Shadow could exist if a destined Matoran who had been drained of their moral light by a leech, were exposed to Toa Power. If formed, they would have near-perfect command of the element, while Shadow Matoran would only be able to release small shadow bolts. A Turaga of Shadow would have power levels somewhere in the middle.

Though Shadow was not considered to be inherently evil until the Brotherhood betrayed Mata Nui, most users of this element would be passively more prone to violence and immoral acts than other beings, due to the absence of their moral light. Makuta themselves would be an exception, as they were created with this power, but actively chose to use it in a corrupt way.


  • Creating shadows.
  • Controlling shadows.
  • Absorbing shadows.
  • Using shadows to teleport
  • Creating a Shadow Hand (Exclusive to Makuta).
  • Unleashing a Shadow Nova Blast. (Exclusive to Toa)

Known Users[]

These beings were wielders of the Element of Shadow:


These locations were affiliated with the Element of Shadow:


  • Matoran, Toa and Turaga of Shadow could be either male or female, depending on their gender prior to having their light drained.
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