Shadow Leech
Shadow leech2
Species Information
ColorsBright Turquoise/Aqua
HabitatShadow leech hive
Tools and AbilitiesSucking the moral light out of beings
"What slipped past Tanma was a slime-covered leech about two feet long, faintly glowing with a pale, sickly light."
—Narration, BIONICLE Legends 9: Shadows in the Sky

A Shadow Leech was a mutated Kraata created by Mutran, Tridax and Chirox that had the ability to suck elemental and moral light out of a being, similar to one of the functions of the Kanohi Avsa. For example, a Matoran whose light has been sucked out of would then become a Shadow Matoran, gaining the element of Shadow and losing their original element. The only known cure for infection by a shadow leech was the sonic scream of a klakk. All Shadow leeches were killed by the Energy Storm.

Known VictimsEdit


  • The features of the Shadow Leech pieces in the 2008 Makuta sets were not similar to how they were described in the BIONICLE books; the leeches were described as being at least two feet in length.
  • Radiak was not a victim of a Shadow Leech; his light was actually sucked out by Makuta Vamprah's Kanohi Avsa.
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