What slipped past Tanma was a slime-covered leech about two feet long, faintly glowing with a pale, sickly light.
— Narration, BIONICLE Legends 9: Shadows in the Sky, page 4

Shadow Leech
Shadow leech2
Species Information
ColorsBright Turquoise/Aqua
HabitatShadow Leech hive
Tools and AbilitiesDraining moral light

Shadow Leeches were mutated Kraata created by Mutran, Tridax and Chirox that had the ability to suck elemental and moral light out of a being, similar to one of the functions of the Kanohi Avsa. For example, a Matoran whose light has been sucked out of would then become a Shadow Matoran, gaining the element of Shadow and losing their original element. The only known cure for infection by a shadow leech was the sonic scream of a klakk. All Shadow leeches were killed by the Energy Storm.

Known Victims[]


  • The features of the Shadow Leech pieces in the 2008 Makuta sets were not similar to how they were described in the BIONICLE books; the leeches were described as being at least two feet in length.
  • Radiak was not a victim of a Shadow Leech; his light was actually sucked out by Makuta Vamprah's Kanohi Avsa.