Shadow Leech Hive
Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsShadow Leeches, some Makuta
LocationKarda Nui

The Shadow Leech Hive stored Shadow Leeches for use by the Makuta during the invasion of Karda Nui. The hive was guarded and maintained by Mutran with his lab assistant Vican, who also helped breed the Shadow leeches. At one point, Kirop inadvertently led the Toa Nuva to the hive, where the Toa managed to destroy some of the vats. Shortly after, the hive was destroyed when Toa Ignika killed a sentient stone cord that hung the hive from the roof of the cave. The hive was sent hurtling into the swamp below.

It was later destroyed by the Energy Storm that filled Karda Nui.

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