Shadow Matoran
Kirop, a Shadow Matoran
Species Information
ColorsBlack and previous color
HabitatDark places
Tools and AbilitiesBlades, firing bolts of shadow

Shadow Matoran were Matoran who had all Light drained out of them. They became corrupt and evil, and gained the ability to fire bolts of shadow energy. If a corrupted Matoran became a Toa and later a Turaga, they would control the element of Shadow.

The Brotherhood of Makuta used mutated Kraata called Shadow Leeches to drain the light from numerous Av-Matoran among other types of Matoran, after which they served the Makuta operating in the Universe Core. Both Gorast's stinger and a Kanohi Avsa could also drain light.

A Klakk could restore Light to a Matoran by their Sonic screams to break the barrier around a Matoran, Toa, or Turaga that kept new light from coming. The Shadow Matoran in Karda Nui were restored by Klakks' sonic screams, and seemed to completely regain their original elements, as shown by Gavla blasting Takanuva with light after being cured. All Shadow Matoran, with the exception of Vultraz, were cured by the Klakk.

Abilities and Traits

Shadow Matoran can be male or female because of their former elements. They are often a darker or similar shade of their previous color with black, and had reddish eyes as well. They could also shoot small bolts of shadow from their weapons and had a new special power they could use when in contact with a Makuta (possibly only if they were formerly Av-Matoran).They were loyal to the Makuta and served as the "eyes" for the Makuta blinded in Karda Nui.

Known Shadow Matoran


  • Because the Shadow Matoran did not see themselves as a "tribe" of Matoran, they did not assign to themselves the elemental prefix "Kra-"
  • The Makuta switched the Shadow Matoran's original masks with ones more closely associated with the Makuta.[1]
  • All of their masks seen so far are with black or silver blended in.
  • The set forms of Vican and Vultraz are the larger size, despite the size difference only being a result of having been an Av-Matoran in Karda Nui for the others.


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