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You may be looking for the Zone of Darkness, a similar dimension featured in the original BIONICLE storyline.

The Shadow Realm is an alternate dimension adjacent to Okoto that-as its name suggests-is a place of Shadow. Physical beings or objects can only pass into or out of the Shadow Realm via portals created from the combined energies of all six Elements of Okoto: Fire, Ice, Jungle, Water, Stone, and Earth. The first such portal known to have been created was produced by the destruction of the Mask of Ultimate Power, which caused Makuta and Okoto's Capital City to be drawn into the Shadow Realm. This portal, the site of which would become known as the Black Volcano, was later reopened using the scattered fragments of the mask, the stolen weapons of the Toa, and the Light energies of Ekimu and Agil unleashed against Umarak the Destroyer.

The Shadow Realm was known to be inhabited by a variety of beings, including Skull Warriors, Skull Spiders, Elemental Beasts, and shadowy figures resembling Okotans. Gali's spirit was also briefly drawn into this realm by the power of Makuta, but she was able to make her escape when the portal was reopened. She and the other Toa then combined their Elemental Powers to seal the portal forever, insuring that Makuta would not be able to escape again.