Shadow Traps
Shadow Trap Ikir.png.png
Species Information
ColorsGunmetal, various leg colors
Tools and AbilitiesTurning victim over to Umarak's side by biting them.

Shadow Traps were a type of creature created by and serve Umarak the Hunter. With only one bite they can turn a victim over to Umarak's side. Shadow Traps were adapted to each of the six environments of Okoto. Several Earth, Water, and Fire Shadow Traps were later used by Umarak the Destroyer to spawn the Elemental Beasts.

Set Information

  • A Shadow trap was included with each Elemental Creature.
  • Every official Shadow Trap released is suited for its environment.
  • A Shadow Trap could also be made out of Umarak's Shoulder armor, foot claws, and extra parts included in the set.
  • A Shadow Trap is not included in Kopaka and Melum Unity set.


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