Chirox struck first, using his mask power to make it impossible for Takanuva to hear their approach or call for help.
— Narration, BIONICLE Legends 11: The Final Battle
Mask of Silence
Power(s)Let user make target mute and deaf
Notable Wearer(s)Chirox, Mutran (both formerly)

The Kanohi Shelek was the Mask of Silence. It gave its user the power to temporarily make a target simultaneously deaf and mute for as long as the user maintained their concentration.

Example Usage[]

Great: In BIONICLE Legends 11: The Final Battle, Makuta Chirox used his Shelek to make Takanuva both deaf and mute so he and Makuta Bitil could attack the Toa without fear of discovery or raising alarm.

Known Wearers[]





  • Most Toa would not usually choose to wear a Shelek, due to its association with Makuta. Despite this, they did not feel it had an immoral power.
  • The Shelek worn by the Makuta were created out of protosteel. As a side-effect of being worn by shapeshifters, whenever Chirox and Mutran shapeshifted, their Shelek would change with them.
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